Reading Response E

Locality and Environment

Preparing for Local Website Project

How does the environment interact with the internet?
In the Maya Lin reading, I thought about the critical relationship between art and its environment; how does it speak to the specific audience that inhabits that space? Who is it speaking to and how does it communicate? It seems that Lin was considering the political ramifications of her work, but in her process, the environment works for the monument, informs the experience of the work. A public monument and a local website hold many critical differences, but this is something to consider. How does the environment inform the work? and vice versa? ALSO: How does legibility play into the work? Or does a less legible work lend itself to more variety in interpretations and can those meanings be incorporated into the piece? I continue to ask myself these questions; is it important for the work to be legible to everybody? Or can it just speak to a select few. Not all works are meant to speak to everybody that encounters them as not all artists are attempting to make their work accessible to the mass public. Something I think about is how the hidden things come to the forefront for specific audiences.